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MonaVie is a defunct, American multi-level marketing company that manufactured and distributed products made from blended fruit juice concentrates, powders, and purées. The company was the subject of several controversies. Health claims for its products had not been scientifically confirmed or approved by regulatory authorities, and its chairman had been previously involved in false health claims concerning another beverage company. According to Forbes, MonaVie's business plan resembled a pyramid scheme. In 2015, the company defaulted on a US$182 million loan and went into foreclosure.

U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins said the following about MonaVie to The Salt Lake Tribune in May 11, 2015:

"There's a lack of clarifying information of MonaVie and this series of transactions".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything about the company sucks"

Former Employee - International Support says

"International customer support can be very frustrating with rules changing all the time, too high demands, too much monitoring, employees feel that their jobs can be cut off at any time, unrealistic performance goals, paranoia about people not putting in their time at home, turnover, no interest in employee feedback, management generally shows up to enforce or complain, too many complaints from disgruntled customers, overall feeling of under appreciation for work done, "our way or the highway" approach to management, low wages for work load and consistent learning of new policies and procedures. Too many periodic tests and frequent equipment and software problems. Substandard help desk with a negative and condescending attitude towards employees with computer or software problems."

Customer Support says

"The new management style in the contact center is to pinch pennies whenever they can. Some people doing less work than me are getting paid $2-4/hr. more because they got hired under the older management. Letting you work from home is not a comfort at all. They train their supervisor to regularly log in to your computer and watch how you work, plus they have an entire quality team doing this."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"All those fully committed employees are not being acknowledged, nor heard and taken for granted 24/7. US and European management has an EQ (not IQ!) of 0 with no chance to improve that."

Former Employee - Independent Distributor says

"Upline is selfish, it's not about a good product, its about money only."

Former Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"business run down, due to management incompetence - typical MLM trend"


"C level management cannot deal with disagreement. Ideas that are not in line with their line of thinking are considered confrontational and result in discipline. VP and Presidents were not given the freedom or authority to fix problems, but were blamed for failures anyway. The MLM structure does not do anyone any favors. If a product is good enough to sell it shouldn't need the extra baggage and cost of a MLM structure."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company has been on a downward trend taking away many of the perks that were once enjoyed. It isn't the same company vibe that it used to be and it has gone from a fun energetic and exciting place to just doing you job and staying under the radar for fear of being laid off. Yearly layoffs was always a looming factor that kept you wondering."

Former Employee - IT Professional says

"- Week management and poor decision making - major good ol boys club, under qualified employees promoted to management positions - uncertain future."

Current Employee - Customer Support says

"The Support Department is very strics and they now treat their empolyees like robots. Working hard doesnt earn you a promotion it earns you more work with little compensation. News and Media communications are never clear."

Entrepreneur (Former Employee) says

"Not enough contacts.People I knew were not interested in health products.Good people working together though as a team."

Sr. Software Engineer - System architect (Former Employee) says

"regular layoffs 2 times a year. management is very inexperienced due to church type of hiring relations management is signing contracts with friends and family many of the managers do not even know what are they doing many of the employees have no education on a positions when they require to have to many management mistakes which destroys a companyno enymoreavarage pay, terrible management"

German/English Distributor Support Contact (Former Employee) says

"The products are good but way overpriced. Market is too selective, targeting the wealthy. Multilevel marketing scheme that's a lot of hype and rally, some agents are successful, but not a sustainable business for long term. Maybe acai juice has benefits for good health, but so are strawberries and raspberries that are a whole lot cheaper and just as healthy.Was able to use German languagerequired to be home based business."

Representante Comercial (Former Employee) says

"um típico de trabalho animador. aprendi como elaborar uma patente própria. gerencia razoável. tive excelente equipe ao meu lado. difícil foi o suporte do meu superior. Bastante unida nossos colaboradores de patente.Boas bonificaçõesNão fornece vale alimentação e vale combustívelv"

Distribuidor Franquiado (Former Employee) says

"Empresa de grande porte porem com uma equipe de lideres da região muito mal elaborada, com metas e planos de carreira muito difíceis, alto preço de mercado.flexibilidade de horariosPreços abusivos, planos e metas de difícil alcance"

Software Engineer-II (Current Employee) says

"Good Company to work for. Life balance is good and the job culture is very good, over all a nice company to work for"


"Bello di lavorare di consulente di marketing, è che tu fai il tuo orarioFlessibileNon avere sicurezza"

Software Engineer II (Current Employee) says

"Nice place to work, the people do care about each other and work hours are very flexible. technology is stuck in the decades old past with new technology work being outsourced off shore despite promises it would be brought back in house months agoflexible hourslack of strategy, old technology, outsourcing is common"

Distributor (Former Employee) says

"Cold calling for products that people can do without in a poor economic climate was very difficult."

Gerente Supply Chain e Logistica (Former Employee) says

"A empresa me proporcionou um ambiente favorável onde pude colocar em pratica toda minha experiencia de 13 anos de mercado deixando nela instalada um legado operacional positivo de eficiência. Em minha jornada pude também me deenvolver e aprofundar em diferentes e importantes matérias como relações tributárias, impostos entre Estados, práticas contábeis, jurídicas, entre outras influencias que completam a visão de uma empresa em sua totalidade. O ciclo foi excelente e otimos resultados foram logrados.Liberdade de Trabalho e apresentação de resultadosEmpresa não departamentalizada"

Online support (Former Employee) says

"It was a job that helped me grow personally. There is always conflict when you put together a group of people because everyone has a different opinion and everyone is looking out for themselves. Understanding this, helped me do my job and get the best out of it. The company was sold so I wouldn't be able to go back."

Sr. Supply Manager (Former Employee) says

"With the buyout from Jenuesse global, everything is moving to Florida. Utah office was great, but the time difference did make things a little difficult to get the work done in a timely manner."

Director (Former Employee) says

"Good Company if you want or like the MLM culture. Expect a new idea everyday but without any science or data to back it up. Leaders here are not always true leaders they are family or friends or part of the co-founding group. They are sometimes fresh with input from the customer, but they haven't yet solved the root cause of the problem and that is loyalty and retention of both employee and customer. Lots of ideas on how to do that but getting people to listen to you and disrupting their channel and power isn't or won't ever be easy. I wish the best of luck to the new CEO that took over recently and his turnaround efforts to kick some tail end and clean up shop once and for all.Free Acai Punch I mean Health JuiceLeadership is the biggest problem tactical not strategic at all"

Distribuidora y networker (Former Employee) says

"Buena experiencia, optimas oportunidades de negocio como Networker, pero me gusta más trabajar en recursos humanos y como Coach"

MonaVie Business Owner - Distributor (Former Employee) says

"Small business adventure. I worked very hard exploring the MLM (multi level marketing) structure. I read and listened to inspirational CD's that help taught basic MLM technique. I like learning about the product - Monavie and the company.good pay if you work harda bit difficult to find people that want to become distributors"

Quality Assurance and Performance Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed working for MonaVie because of the clean environment and the relationship I had with my co workers. My hours were flexible which allowed me to perform my work duties as well as pursue an education.50% Cafeteria, Flexible Hours, TelecommutingLack of opportunities for growth"

Owner of Direct Sales Business (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was quite varied. I learned a lot of new things. The work place culture was invigorating. The management that was in place at the time I worked there was above average.Pay day every FridayThe company had such a good product, it was shut down too prematurely." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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